Adventures of a Londoner Who Now Calls Australia Home - Mary Sanghvi

Adventures of a Londoner Who Now Calls Australia Home - Mary Sanghvi

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Mary Sanghvi writes with a keen sense of the ridiculous and humour is gently threaded through every narrative.  If you want a good laugh at life, whilst exploring Australia past and present, this is the book for you.

Autographed by the Author 

This is a delightful and engaging memoir that takes readers on a journey through the author's life, from her childhood in the UK to her eventual move to Australia in 1981.

The book is filled with interesting anecdotes and stories about Mary's family, her travels, and the various places she has lived before settling down in Australia. One of the highlights of the book is Mary's vivid descriptions of Australia's natural beauty, from its stunning travel destinations to the abundance of wildlife that can be found there and of course, her love of the ocean.

What sets this memoir apart is Mary's unique voice, which is both humorous and informative. The book is filled with quirky and funny moments that will keep readers entertained throughout, while also providing a fascinating insight into what it is like to move to a new country and make it your home.

 This is a story of possums and pussy cats; being stuck on the beach in wet bathers on a cold winter morning (because the dog has buried the car keys somewhere in the sand and forgotten about it); a pine tree falling through the roof; a strange encounter with a sea eagle; a burning bird's nest in a lamp-post; an explosion in the pantry; and lots more.

 And we take a look into Australia’s history and how it became what it is today, including the latest revelations on colonisation and the sorry situation of the indigenous people (now known as Australia's First Nation). 

Overall, The Adventures of a Londoner who now calls Australia home is an easy and fun read that will appeal to anyone who loves travel and adventure. Mary Sanghvi's writing is engaging and insightful, and her passion for Australia shines through on every page.

6 x 8 inches

227 pages


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