Arcadia Shores - Richard Connery

Arcadia Shores - Richard Connery

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As a devilish plot, three years in the shaping draws close to its approaching dawn... two killers return to the Whitsundays intent on completing their work... they have much still to accomplish! Now Mason, with Mali by his side, will encounter a multitude of new conundrums including a seemingly deliberate poisoning... the bewildering disappearance of a senior police officer... a singular night of unimaginable horror... a suspiciously questionable colleague... plus a tyrannical triumvirate of fanatic villainy set to unleash a plot so wretched; so diabolical, it could only be conceived in a mind of maniacal madness... or the purist of genius. A gateway from hell of 'earthly origin' will soon creek open over the idyllic Whitsunday Coast... destined to unleash a fury of evil unlike any seen before... and all will be linked to a twenty-year-old unsolved nautical mystery. It seems paradise is not alone this time, and merely the point of origin... with the entire Australian continent now under imminent threat, time is running out to discover the truth.

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