Australia’s Coral Sea Islands and Marine Park

Australia’s Coral Sea Islands and Marine Park

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Written as a guide to the islands and reefs of the Australian Coral Sea. The books contains 32 maps and 173 colour photos including aerial and underwater photography. The information packed book also describes in detail every island cay and reef within within Australia’s Coral Sea Marine Park. The author has spent a lifetime exploring the forgotten islands of Australia’s Coral Sea and presented it in a brilliant publication that is fully referenced, informative and entertaining.

Australia’s Coral Sea Islands lay within the one million square kilometres of the Coral Sea Marine Park. Over fifty islands and cays lay upon 24 separate reef systems each separated by an ocean voyage.

This informative book will appeal to anyone with a love of the sea. This book also serves as a cruising guide of the reefs and anchorages. Stories of shipwrecks and survival will guide you on a journey through history.

This guide covers the following reefs and islands:

  1. Ashmore Reef

  2. Boot Reef

  3. Bougainville Reef

  4. Cato Island

  5. Coringa Islets

  6. Diamond Islets

  7. Flinders Reefs

  8. Flora Reef

  9. Frederick Reefs

  10. Herald Cays

  11. Holmes Reefs

  12. Kenn Reefs

  13. Lihou Reef

  14. Magdelaine Cays

  15. Marion Reef

  16. Mellish Reef

  17. Moore Reefs

  18. Osprey Reef

  19. Saumarez Reefs

  20. Shark and Vema Reefs

  21. Willis Islets

  22. Diane Bank

  23. Wreck Reefs

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