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Australian Book Lover's Journal

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Have you ever wished you had recorded all the books you had read and when? How you found out about them or who gave them to you? What was happening in your life as you read them? What you thought of them and how they affected you? The Book Lovers Journal is custom-designed for the bibliophile who wants to record and explore their love of books and reading. Also including prize-winning book and best-seller lists, book quotes and other facts and figures on books, the Journal is sure to become a treasured keepsake.

* Book lover’s favourite new book.
More than just a journal, but a keepsake as well as a reading record.
* Whole page spread for individual book records, to keep track of what you are reading, when you read it, thoughts and feelings and a rating system.
* Contains lists: Books Read, Books I want to Read, Books I didn’t finish, Books I have loaned out.
* Includes up-to-date prize-winning books lists such as the Man Booker Award, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Peace in Literature.
* With a notes section at the book, keep record of anything that is happening in the book world.
* Filled with quotes, this book will inspire a new generation of book lovers to continue reading, and keep track of what they are reading.
* The perfect present for bibliophiles all around Australia.
* A must have paperback book for anyone that just wants a beautiful way to keep track of their reading, thoughts about books and ever growing book collection.

  • Format: Paperback (230.00mm X 155.00mm) 162 pages Weight: 300g

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