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It’S NOT what you think …

No one really likes SNOT. But believe it or (s)not, it plays such an important part in our oceans, where all life comes from. Follow Ella and her friends on an adventure through the Great Barrier Reef, to discover why SNOT is not quite as bad as you think it is.

Ella is now back in the Reef. New Adventures, with new friends and so much more to learn about our Oceans. Together, we will again create positive impact, both educational, but also in direct action, leading science, animal protection and cleanups.

With the new book “It’SNOT what you think”, over 20.000 copies of Ella’s Adventures have already been printed, allowing me not only to support amazing projects, but also to repair damage we have done to our underwater world and create new projects.


Ella’s next adventures is currently being printed and should be ready to deliver before the end of November 2023

Your Support Matters

Every book sold will empower more action and more projects. Your pre order will allow me to print more books which will lower the cost and create more resources for high impact conservation projects.

For the Oceans, Christian Miller

Let’s look back in time and see what kind of impact your support for the first book has created.

1) We supported the Lissenung Island Turtle nest relocation & cleanup project in remote Papua Nui Guinea with a au$10,000 cash donation.

What I really love about this project: it’s a small community project with very high impact - driven by passion, using existing resources, involving children and schools, educating and inspiring plus delivering instant results, such as relocation turtle nests before they get poached. Find out more: Lissenung Island

2) We supported science and island cleanups in the Great Barrier Reef, including its largest ever micro plastic study and the effects on megamouth filter feeders. We have conducted numerous island cleanups with Parley Australia,  lots of  Reef surveys, turtle releases, shark science, exploration trips and created inspiring content. Find out more: Parley Australia , Sevententh Foundation  , Cairns Turtle Rehab Center , Biopixel Oceans

3) We supported Ocean Alliance and their leading research of whales with a donation of 1100 Ella books (worth au$30,000)  This included developing the non invasive data collection method of SNOTBOT, tagging whales without being near team with the TAGBOT. Working on solutions to disentangle whales as well more options in deploying different kinds of tags. Find out more: www.whale.org

Christian Miller

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