Grant's Guide to Fishes

Grant's Guide to Fishes

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Grant's Guide to Fishes is the culmination of a journey which can trace its origins in 1963. Asked by his mentors and seniors in the Department of Harbours & Marine to produce a guide to commercial fishes in Queensland, Ern Grant wrote a small black-and-white production called Know Your Fishes.

From this humble beginning came the first Guide to Fishes, produced also by the Queensland Government, and starting in 1965 with its first edition. This book had no photographs, but relied on the then-common method of identification through painstaking drawings by delineators (mainly 2 very skilled draftsmen/artists). However, Ern's contacts said: "Surely even a poor photograph is better to identify a fish than a great drawing?"

And so began a lifetime of work in collecting a massive range of fish - in photographs. Many of these were hand-captured by net, line or chasing down over sand, mud or coral reefs and collecting by hand-scoop.

Known as The Fisherman's Bible this title is into its twelfth edition. Colourful photographs and detailed descriptions of the fish, their habitat and habits and the best way to reel them in are presented in this ever popular Australian publication.

This new edition now features a section called 'A Guide to the Guide', which is a photo index of typical types of fish. For example, if you see something like a whiting, and find it in this section, it leads you to a page of whiting. Therefore, other whiting that are in that area.

'I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading this book as I did in writing it. Good fishing and viewing, all!' - Ern Grant

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