Green Guide - Birds of Australia

Green Guide - Birds of Australia

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Behavioural insights, action photography and your questions answered.

The Australian Green Guides have been created for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. The most commonly asked questions are answered with particular emphasis on fascinating behavioural insights into both common and unusual creatures. The pages are alive with entertaining and informative text accompanied by exciting action photography.

About the Author

Peter Rowland was born in 1938 and has lived in NE London all his life. Was married for more than 30 years but, sadly, became a widower in 1993. Graduated with honours from Bristol University in 1960. Worked in local government (primarily the Greater London Council) until 1998, but pursued a parallel career as a historian and biographer (and occasional novelist). His most well-known achievements, to date, have been a biography of David Lloyd George (1975) and engaging the services of Mr Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of Edwin Drood (1991).

But he has tackled a considerable number of other subjects. Produced first-ever biography of E.W. Hornung, creator of Raffles, and rediscovered 'Lanoe Falconer' (pseudonym of Victorian author Mary E. Hawker), writing her biography and tracking down many of her "lost" stories. Currently working on a biography of William George, Lloyd George's father, and then hopes to produce one of Thomas Hood. His interests include vintage films, rambling, photography and music.

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