More Abell Men- Colin Abell

More Abell Men - LOCAL AUTHOR Colin Abell

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Colin's sequel to the Three Abell Men, continues with the family of Edward, his five sons who one by one left school, worked on the family's sugar cane farm before moving on to farming and other careers of their own choice. In an era of changing modernisation, the eldest son Colin recalls his years as a cane cutter, followed by the introduction of mechanical harvesters and later to farming sugarcane, grain, and crop fattening cattle. After retiring from primary production, he continues to work in agriculture following his appointment to Area Manager for a world based seed company, managing his own proprietary company selling agricultural merchandise and finally to agricultural machinery sales throughout North Queensland. The story of Edward's family offers a rare glimpse into the lives of many people the author made contact with as he moved about Australia and travelled the world.

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