Paddles the Platypus - NQ Author Eva-Marie Welsh

Paddles the Platypus - NQ Author Eva-Marie Welsh

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Paddles the Platypus is a Platypus Children's Story Book. They are a monotreme and live in Australia. The platypus and echidna are the world's only egg-laying mammals. This Australian animal kids story book reflects the unique Australian wildlife and nature in its outstanding art work. Also, it's Australian Made and Owned! Above all, it's educational, cute & funny. Beautiful glossy, bright & colourful illustrations make it stand out. 11 Australian book titles available! Very popular!About Paddles the Platypus Children's Story Book:Paddles the Platypus is about a platypus mother to be. She is searching for the right place to lay her eggs. Their habitat is the eastern and south-eastern coast of Australia and Tasmania. Other unique Australian wildlife is included. Book characters of evabooks are making an appearance. They are: Cassy the cassowary from Cassy's Tale, Bobby the Tree Kangaroo & Croaky the green tree frog from Where is Croaky? Details about Paddles the Platypus:First of all, a platypus mother is searching for a nesting place. The cassowaries are watching from the bank of the creek. Clearly, they are curious about the unique mammal. Furthermore, Paddles is spotted by a Tree Kangaroo and Green Tree frog. Later on, she is explains to the Sulphur Crested cockatoos that she must dig a burrow for her eggs. Subsequently, they are surprised that mammals lay eggs. The Platypus Children's Story Book has stunning colourful illustrations. They include fish, long neck turtle, eel and the unique Australian rainforest. In addition, the book features the platypus burrow and the babies. It's educational, cute & funny.


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