Rainbow Vision Journal - Red SOFT COVER - Australian Author Sharon Dawn

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The first in a series of guided workbooks on finding inner connection and self-awareness using writing, drawing, and creative activities that anyone can do. Designed to take you on a journey into your heart, to find happiness and purpose, regardless of your past. A fun and easy way to discover your unique self.

Do you know what you really love and what makes you happy, or are you rushing from moment to moment simply focusing on what needs to be done? Are you living the life you dreamed of, or are you living the way you think you should, to keep others happy? These are questions many of us are looking to answer and you have just found the tool to help you.

This is a journal, workbook and creative space all in one, designed to open awareness to your deeper thoughts and feelings using intuitive and thought-provoking writing, drawing, and creative activities that anyone can do. It represents the love and support in your life and is the first in the Rainbow Vision Journal series of eight guided workbooks.

When you are not doing what you love, your energy vibration is out of alignment. It may be subtle, you feel flat and every day is the same, where nothing changes. You may feel tired or anxious and lived this way for so long, you don't realise it is just bad habits in your thinking that are causing your lack of happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

As you become clear on what you truly love, you start feeling better and life begins to take on a whole new meaning. The more you become aware of your innermost thoughts, the more you notice how your thinking is different to who you want to be. You begin to see how your deeper thoughts are sabotaging your happiness over and over.

Quantum physics has proven that everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies and when you have a thought, it is also an energy vibration. By combining this idea with the law of attraction, you start to understand why you are attracting a life you don't really want, instead of a life where you follow your heart and your dreams. Author Sharon Dawn has taken these concepts to guide you on a journey of self-awareness and inner connection where you can find your path to happiness.

Journaling is a popular way to find and understand your true self, and in this book, it has been taken a step further with written and creative exercises to gain clarity on the love and support in your life. Journals do not judge or criticise, and that makes it a safe place to speak about things you wouldn't say to anyone. A journal allows you to expand your dreams and be as imaginative and creative as you like. You can say and do anything you want and in so doing, you will discover what you have buried deep inside.

No matter where you are or what your skills are, you can always journal. If you commit just five minutes a day, you will see great results very quickly.

Its time to follow your heart and find the happiness you deserve because you ARE worth it!

The Rainbow Vision series is

RED - My Heart. How to follow your heart and find your bliss without reliving your past.

ORANGE - My Experiences. How to have awesome experiences without worrying about time or money.

YELLOW - My Wellbeing. How to feel good regardless of your body shape or fitness level.


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