Satya Incense Sticks - Reiki Power

Satya Incense Sticks - Reiki Power

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The Reiki flora incense is the gate to improvement. The Reiki incense blend is a gentle fragrance that heals the user during a time of physical or mental illness and helps restore one’s emotional well-being. This blends activates a natural healing process and is best used during meditation and while practisingreiki.

Place the incense sticks in an incense holder and light the tip of the stick with a flame. Let it burn for a small duration, and once the tip is glowing carefully blow the flame out. Allow yourself to soak in the soothing scent of incense.

Product Description

These beautiful Incense sticks come in a pack 15gram box of approximately 12 sticks.

Hand rolled in India.

The Satya Sai Spiritual Aura Incense has an amazing clean scent that 
has a sweet aroma that will leave you wanting for more.
This incense smells like a cool crisp cotton with a hint of lavender
scent. This blend of fragrances is very calming.
Absolutely perfect for putting one at ease.

Sold Separately - 1 box