Snowing in Bali - Kathryn Bonella  True Crime

Snowing in Bali - Kathryn Bonella

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'It's snowing in Bali.' Among Bali's drug dealers, this is the secret code for a huge cocaine shipment having just landed. For the men who run the country's drug empires, it's time to get rich and party hard.

Snowing in Bali is the true crime story of the organised drug trafficking and dealing scene that's made Bali one of the world's most important destinations in the global distribution of narcotics. With its central location in the Asia Pacific market, its thriving tourist industry to act as cover for importation, and a culture of corruption that can easily help law enforcement turn a blind eye, Bali has long been a paradise for traffickers as well as for holiday-makers.

Kathryn Bonella, bestselling true crime author of Hotel Kerobokan and Operation Playboy, has been given extraordinary access into the lives of some of the biggest players in Bali's mafia-like drug world, both past and present. In this international true crime biography, she charts their rise to incredible wealth and power and their drug-fuelled lifestyles, filled with orgies, outrageous extravagance and surfing. But running international criminal drug empires in Bali can also be a highly risky business, with terrible consequences for those caught and convicted.

If you love true crime or organised crime thrillers, drug bust stories, espionage, murder and mayhem, mafia films, international mystery and crime, heists and biographies then this is the true crime biography for you...

From the internationally bestselling author of Hotel Kerobokan and Operation Playboy and co-author of Schapelle Corby's autobiography, this is the incredible, true life inside account of Bali's hidden drug world.

Perfect for fans of true crime stories and authors like Rusty Young, James Phelps, Chopper Read and Underbelly.

About the Author

With her bestselling books making a splash internationally, Kathryn Bonella, bestselling writer of true crime kindle, paperback and audible books, has established a global fan base. Her true crime books focussing on Bali, drug smuggling, surfing and Brazil have become compulsory reading for many surfers and travellers, especially those who travel to Bali and Brazil.

Kathryn studied as a journalist at RMIT in Melbourne, moved to London to freelance for print and TV, then returned to Australia in 2000 to produce for 60 Minutes.

It was a true crime story about a 27-year-old Australian beauty school student, Schapelle Corby, being arrested at Bali international airport with kilos of marijuana in her boogie-board bag that spring-boarded Kathryn from journalist to bestselling organised crime author. After covering the story for 60 Minutes, Kathryn was offered the chance to co-write Schapelle's autobiography, Schapelle Corby: My Story, with Schapelle. It went straight to number one.

Since then Kathryn has written three more international true crime bestsellers: Hotel Kerobokan, internationally titled Hotel K, which blew the lid off the notorious Bali jail; Snowing in Bali, a true life crime thriller about the island's cocaine dealers; and Operation Playboy, the adrenaline-pumping true crime story of surfers trafficking drugs across the globe and the international police chase for the organised crime gang.

In 2019, Kathryn and Schapelle updated My Story, 13 years after releasing the original.

If you are a fan of true crime biography books, mafia books, organised crime books, books about hoaxes, deceptions and murder and mayhem then these brilliant, bestselling books are for YOU!

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