The Last Islands

The Last Islands - LOCAL AUTHORS John & Mia Bates

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A detailed and heartfelt history book about a group of islands unlike any other.

Editions 1-3 are the work of local authors, John Winston Bates, and following his passing, his daughter Mia has compiled and contributed to the fourth edition, 18 years later.

This book is written for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the deep and exciting history of the Whitsunday and Cumberland Islands of Australia as a visitor, local, or history enthusiast. Readers will not be disappointed with rich recounts of local anecdotes, legends and tales, including inspiring photography and the personal touch of a local skipper as the author.

The book begins with the creation of earth and its natural forms. It them moves on to acknowledge all those who have discovered, passed through, been shipwrecked, pioneered, developed and inspired the growth of the Whitsundays. Finally, we concluded with the development of the local town of Airlie Beach and the surrounding islands up to date. You won't find anything like this book.

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