What Do You Not Know About Our Forrests - The Barefoot Bushman, Rob Bredl

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Now, I believe, that's a tree!

A Victorian Eucalyptus regans, Mountain Ash.

It measured 10.74 metres in diameter and was hollow, back then, they stabled 11 horses with in the massive trunk.  Notice around it, the many saplings in the back ground.  Clearly showing this tree was not standing in a forest!  I ask, imagine trying to cut it down, then in to manageable pieces with an axe?

Robert Harold Bredl is an Australian documentary film-maker, a reptile specialist and owner of the "Bredl's Wild Farm" near Airlie Beach. He became known through his many documentaries, such as "Killer Instinct" (53 episodes), "Deadly Predators" (10 episodes), as well as "The Barefoot Bushman" series (8 episodes). His documentaries are being shown on TV stations in more than 45 countries worldwide. Rob's documentaries have so far been translated into 36 languages. His best known documentary "Kissing Crocodiles" is being shown in over 100 countries worldwide

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