Whitsunday and Islands Wall Chart - Folded - Not Laminated MC650F

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ON LAMINATED, FOLDED, WHITSUNDAY & ISLANDS Goldsmith Island to Hayman Island

Boating, Fishing, Marine Safety Chart - Camtas publication MC650 

BONUS WALL CHART - Coastal Fish and Animals of Australia reverse side

Size 61 x 88 cm


  • Water contours are shades of blue becoming progressively darker as depth increases
  • Land contours become progressively darker as height increases
  • Natural features, reefs,mangroves, sand types, mud, salt pans and others features are visually realistically depicted
  • Grid reference system simplifies identifying positions for boating, fishing and rescue services
  • Marine Emergency Search and Rescue contact details for Police and Volunteer Rescue Services phone numbers including radio frequencies monitored are easily located on the chart
  • Navigation symbols are clearly explained on the chart without the need for supplementary handbook
  • Known information such as names, heights, depths, seabed, GPS marks, obstructions and navigational tracks included
  • Satellite positions derived from the WGS1984 datumcan be plotted directly onto this chart
  • No fishing Zones, officially declared Smooth, Partially smooth, Open waters zones clearly indicated
  • Lesser known information such as local knowledge of fishing and diving locations, local common names and information from latest satellite images are included at time of publication
  • An affordable chart and perfect gift or reference guide both at home or on holidays


Marine chart contains easily identified places of interest:

HAYMAN ISLAND Tower Point Dolphin Point CORAL SEA Blue Pearl Bay Rescue Point Castle Rock Arkhust Island Groper Point Hayman Channel Alcyonaria Point Armit Islands Double Cone Island Langford Island Black Is (Bali Hai) Bird Island Langford Reef MT SYDNEY Cockatoo Point South Channel Baird Point Caves Cove Bloodhorn Beach Ian Point NATIONAL PARK Saba Bay ROCKY HILL Mackerel Bay South Mackerel Bay HOOK PEAK  Mackerel Bay North HOOK ISLAND Stonehaven Anchorage Anchor Point Stanley Point Steens Beach Butterfly Bay Maureens Cove PINNACLE PEAK Luncheon Bay Manta Ray Bay Wrasse Bay Pinnacle Point Double Rock Woodwark Bay Grimston Point Nand Bommie Rosenic Shoal Bluff Point Pioneer Point Pioneer Rocks Almora Islet MOLLE CHANNEL NORTH MOLLE ISLAND Hannah Point Pioneer Bay False Nara Whitsunday Passage MOLLE GROUP Funnel Bay NOTCH HILL Mandalay Pt NATIONAL PARK  Firth Patch MT CHAINE Unsafe Passage Mid Molle Island The Causeway Bauer Bay DAYDREAM ISLAND Deedes Point Green Point Conder Shoal Hill Rock ABEL POINT MARINA Pigeon Is AIRLIE BEACH Shingley Beach PORT OF AIRLIE Flame Tree Ck CANNONVALE Swamp Bay WHITSUNDAY Ker Point Camp Bay SOUTH MOLLE ISLAND Oyster Bay GOAT ISLAND Plantation Island Denman Island Pine Bay Sandy Bay Whitsunday Airstrip MT ROPER The Beak SHUTEHAVEN Shute Harbour Coral Point Repair Is MT HAYWOOD Tancred Island Low Rock Shute Island White Rock MT MACLEAN MT CONWAY CONWAY RANGE Roper Inlet MT SUNTER Stripe Head Roma Point Alert Bank Turtle Bay South Head Base Point Trammel Bay Happy Bay MT KANGAROO Humpy Point East Rock Pelican Is Fish Bay Dugong Bay Palm Bay Pandanus Bay Spit Point Fire Point The Narrows LONG ISLAND Andersons Bay CONWAY RANGE NATIONAL PARK Woodcutter Bay LONG ISLAND SOUND Paradise Bay Long Is Peak Sandy Bay Pine Island Pine Head MT PROSERPINE Deepwater Point FLYING FOX ISLANDS Whale Beach MT PROSERPINE Repulse Beach PROSERPINE RIVER Rocky Point LITTLE CONWAY MT Conway Beach WILSON Defiance Island CONWAY Three Fathom Patch COW ISLAND CALF ISLAND Puritan Bay Round Head Genesta Bay Defiance Reefs REPULSE BAY New Beach O’CONNELL RIVER Covering Beach LAGUNA QUAYS North Repulse Island REPULSE ISLANDS East Repulse Island South Repulse Island CONDER HILLS Midge Point MIDGE POINT Dempster Creek MIDGETON Gould Island Midge Island WHITSUNDAY GROUP Leeper Shoal Jester Rock Minstrel Rocks Deloraine Island Pitstop Beach Border Island Cateran Bay Day Beach Dunbell Island Leeper Shoal Petrel Rock Petrel Islet Ireby Island Wirrainbela Island Esk Island Refuge Bay Nara Inlet Ravens Cove WHITSUNDAY CAIRN Curlew Beach Macona Inlet Proud Rock Scrub Hen Beach Hook Island Passage Luke Bay Peter Bay Peter Head Apostle Bay May’s Bay Lion Point Bernie’s Beach North Arm WHITSUNDAY ISLAND Katoomba Bank BOLTON HILL Homestead Bay Daniel Point LADY ISLAND Fuller Point South Arm Tongue Bay MT ROBISON Tongue Point Whitehaven Bay French Shoal Hill Inlet Lagoon Rock WHITSUNDAY CRAIG Honeymoon Island Windy Bay Dugong Inlet Cid Harbour CID ISLAND Bench Point Hunt Channel Ross Islet Jones Point Nari Beach COOK’S MONUMENT Hughes Point Sawmill Bay Gilling Point Pearl Shoal Loraid Point Joe’s Beach WHITSUNDAY PEAK Reef Point Pelican Rocks Yvonne’s Coves Henning Island Plum Pudding Rocks Plum Pudding Island Gulnare Inlet Beach 25 Fitzalan Passage Fitzalan Island Fitzalan Pt Fitzalan Beach Trevor’s Cove Torres Herald  Bay Turtle Bay Crayfish Bay Craig Point Frith Rock Silica Bay Moon Island Chance Bay Gungwlya Island Yerumbinna Island Pegasus Rock Hazard Bay Teague Island Pig Bay Solway Passage Whitehaven Beach Cyclone 200 Trench Martin Islet HASELWOOD ISLAND Chalkie’s Beach Katie’s Cove Nicholsen Island White Bay Trocus Bay Turrum Island Turrum Pass LUPTON ISLAND Pallion Point  Workington Island Beak Bay June & John Bay DENT ISLAND Titan Is  HAMILTON ISLAND Catseye Bay PASSAGE PEAK  Perserverance Island Dent Passage Cowie Is Crab Bay  Driftwood Bay Coral Cove Turtle Island South Head  Dungurra Island Surprise Rock Indian Head Pentecost Island Ann Is Cole Island Jesuit Point Cawarra Point Little Linderman Island  Maher Island Long Shoal Thoras Point Boat Port LINDEMAN ISLAND Gap Bay Cape Lachlan Turtle Bay Baynham Island Thumb Point  Sidney Islet  Coconut Bay Billy Goat Point  Picaninny Point Seaforth Island Home Beach Spitfire Rock KENNEDY  SOUND Orion Shoal Mars Shoal Venus Shoal  Anchorage Bay Brush Island Volskow Island LINDEMAN GROUP Princess Alexandra Bay GAIBIRRA ISLAND East Pt Neck Bay East Neck Bay Chrome Rock Dalwood Pt Yellow Rock SHAW ISLAND Eagle Bay Twin Bay Osprey Pt Roberts Bay Queen Margrethe Bay Triangle Island Comston Island Mansell Island Ripple Rocks Urilla Rock Cape Conway Cape Rock Conway Shoal Platypus Rock Billbob Bay Keyser Island Megan Bay Long Rock Corrie’s Lagoon Young Tom’s Is Oversight Bay Thomas Island St Helens Rock  Dead Dog Is Flotsam Bay Dead Dog Bay Fairlight Rock Kennard Rocks SIilversmith Island Coppersmith Rock Hillsborough Channel Anchorsmith Island SIR JAMES SMITH GROUP Anvil Island Blacksmith Island ANCHOR ISLANDS Hammer Island Clayton’s Bay Lunch Stop Bay Causeway Bay West Causeway Bay East Ladysmith Island Bellows Island Forge Rocks Roylen Bay Farrier Island Pincer Island  Last Resort Bay Minne Hall Bay Io Reef Goldsmith Island

BONUS WALL CHART - Coastal Fish and Animals of Australia reverse side

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